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DIGG - Agency for Digital Government

DIGG promotes and coordinates electronic identification and signature for the public sector e-services.

The Swedish eID system is a success story. Most citizens have an eID and over 4 billion transactions in various private and public e-services are made every year.

eID in Sweden so far

The Swedish eID system is based on the following premises:

  • eID's can be issued by the private or the public sector
  • so far, the issuers of eID to citizens are the banks that provide BankID, Telia Company ‑ the largest telecom provider in Sweden, Verisec with Freja eID+ and Gemalto with AB Svenska Pass
  • eID issuers in Sweden can apply for Svensk e-legitimation, the Swedish eID trust mark based on assurance levels
  • the public and the private sector purchase authentication licences on behalf of their e-services.

eIDAS electronic identification

DIGG is responsible for:

  • the Swedish eIDAS single point of contact
  • the Swedish participation in Cooperation Network
  • dialogue concerning Swedish eIDAS interoperability and metadata
  • Sweden Connect, which includes the Swedish eIDAS node, the Technical Framework and the General Register that promotes secure eID transactions within Sweden and cross border.

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authorityexternal link, opens in new window is responsible for supervision according to eIDAS trust services.

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