The Swedish E-identification Board

The task for the board is to promote and coordinate electronic identification and signature for the public sector e-services. The Swedish E-identification Board is a public authority under the Ministry of Finance. Mr Ardalan Shekarabi, Minister for Public Administration, is responsible for the eID area.

eID in Sweden so far

The Swedish eID system is a success story. Most citizens have an eID and they made over 1 100 million transactions in various private and public e-services during 2015.

The Swedish eID system is based on these premises:

  • eID's can be issued by the private or the public sector
  • So far mainly banks and a large telecommunication provider
  • eID issuers in Sweden can apply for a Swedish eID trust mark based on assurance levels
  • The public and the private sector purchases authentications on behalf of their e-services

eIDAS electronic identification

The Swedish E-identification Board is responsible for:

  • The Swedish eIDAS single point of contact
  • The Swedish participation in Cooperation Network
  • Dialogue about Swedish eIDAS interoperability and metadata
  • The Swedish eIDAS node project

The Swedisch Post and Telecom Authoritylänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster is responsible for supervision according to eIDAS trust services.

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